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The contact, and how...

Last week with everything else going on in my life, I had received two calls and one text. It was regarding a Bone Marrow Registry. I was so busy with other mundane and work related things that I had forgotten to call back. I called back on Wednesday afternoon, to find out that I was a match.

In 2004 I participated with a Bone Marrow Registry Drive at CSU Monterey Bay. Nu Alpha Kappa (NAK) was promoting this event as it is their Philanthropy. At the time, I was a junior, heavily involved in the school newspaper, active in my chapter with Sigma Theta Psi (STP) and believed everything was possible. I had no fears, nothing intimidated me.  I felt like I was getting ready to rule the world and make a huge change. This is how we were developed and molded "You can do it" "If you fail try again" " Nothing can stop you" were quotes in my daily thought process.

I arrived, filled out the forms. They took a q-tip to swab my cheek for tissue, then I went to class. That was it. My last thought was "I did a good thing, chances of being a match are one in a million."

I am the one in a million.

The last thirteen years of my life have been challenging and life changing. In 2008 I was diagnosed with diabetes. In 2010 I had a nervous breakdown and developed anxiety. In 2014 started attending church, bible study and dedicated myself to the Lord. 2017, my sugar readings are better and now prediabetic, reversing the diabetes. No medications, all healthier choices. Still, struggles of work, finances and daily decisions, and then this registry reaches out to let me know I am a match.

Hearing that I am a match, was divine intervention. Philippians 2:13 states "For it is God who works in you to will and  act in order to fulfill his good purpose." To some extent, I was feel a bit short from serving others. While I have participated in a ministry and lead a study, I had not mentored or sponsored anyone. That was leaving me feeling like I was not serving others. I was feeling a bit devalued and like God had not used me to his full extent. My flesh had been attached and fighting office politics, battles and emotional roller-coasters.

my on-going struggle has been my weight. I found that at times I self sabotage, while I wont get too much into that matter right now. It just felt that God was somehow helping me help this girl to help myself stop going back to old habits.

After talking to the registry, I asked if I could have more information on the recipient. She (yes a she) is 26 years old, battling Acute Myeloid Lukemia (AML). Has tried a variety of treatments, and this is her last option. After I heard the information I needed time to process. I asked if I could contact her, and they said, at the moment no (to avoid being bias or discriminating) that I could be in contact after the donation if I decided to do so. I went home and opened my laptop, then wrote the following:

"When I heard about me being a possible match, I got scared. My first thought was why me, I am no one. Then I heard you were 26 years old, and that I was the last resort for hope. That hit me like a ton of bricks. Never would I have imagined that God would have provided me with such a huge task.
I always wanted to do something in life that would change someone else’s life. I always wanted to make an impact. I just didn’t know how."  

I was amazed that I was found. I don't have the same phone number from 2004. I don't have the same address and I use a different e-mail. But their drive and determination to find me was astonishing. 

This week I was called to do the health questionnaire. It was over 75 questions on my health history. Questions which I never thought I would be asked and felt very personal. At this point I have signed the forms needed as a donor consenting to the process. I never realized how much power I was being given. Out of my own free will I am doing this and out of my own free will I can always decline in the process should I decide to not donate. Along the way I was told due to my previous medical conditions, I do need to get additional testing, just to ensure that I am a match. This means that if I am, my part will be to maintain a healthy lifestyle, eating healthy, regular working out and above all rest. Something that I tend to lack from time to time. 

Next week I will be going for testing and will see where I am in this journey, if I am still a match. I was matched through a sample from 13 years ago. It amazes me how back then I was someone who lacked higher power and faith and now I am someone who seeks to fulfill her purpose. 


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