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I finally went to the lab today to give my blood for analysis. The day started really hot and annoying. I kept fixing my thoughts to positive and my attitude.

It's obvious that I have many things coming against me.  My housemate was knocking on my door without regard that I did not want to be disturbed. I was praying and just trying to take in good energy. It was not majorly important what she needed to tell me. Sometimes, I feel like she does not understand that concept of a closed door, meaning, I need a moment or need some space. I did not open the door, because I just did not want interruptions while I was processing what would take place today.  The conversation between the door is one that we have had since she moved in. It's not that significant, and it was not urgent. It was basically tidiness with the restroom. We have discussed tidiness. I was a bit annoyed. But I let it go.

Got to the lab, waited for another 15 minutes. Total wait was 25 minutes. I was running out o…